Armand Grillet


Hi there! I'm Armand, a French software engineer who works in Germany. I love coding interesting projects, learning how cloud computing works, and creating playlists for my friends.

I currently work at Mesosphere on Apache Mesos and the DC/OS Command Line Interface. Everything is open-source thus you can see what I am working on, like my latest review requests.

I have previously followed an International Master’s Programme with a major in Cloud Computing and Services and a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. First year in Rennes (Université de Rennes 1) and second year in Berlin (Technische Universität Berlin).

During this program I have written a master thesis for the Service-centric Networking department of TU Berlin and done multiple internships, including one for the INRIA.

I like to write on Medium, e.g. Comparison of Container Schedulers and Parallel Self-Tuning Spectral Clustering on Apache Spark (a short version of my thesis).

Feel free to contact me by email or using LinkedIn. Last but not least, here are my resume and GitHub profile.