Armand Grillet


Hi there! I'm Armand, a French engineering manager who works in Germany. I love coaching people, pair-programming, and learning about how cloud computing works.

I currently work at Grafana Labs, in the cloud backend team. The product I contribute to is Grafana Cloud.

I previously worked at D2iQ (formerly Mesosphere). I have been senior software engineer in the Kubernetes Platform team and engineering manager in the Cluster Ops team. I worked on Apache Mesos and as a SRE before that.

During my free time, I led until recently the European tech team at Volt Europa. I managed the contributors working on the tools we need to grow as a non-profit: the team, event, and newsletter management systems. The tools we develop support more than 25000 members in 30 countries.

I have previously followed a Master’s Programme with a major in Cloud Computing and a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. First year in Rennes (Université de Rennes 1) and second year in Berlin (Technische Universität Berlin). During this program, I have written a master thesis for the Service-centric Networking department of TU Berlin and done multiple internships, including one for the INRIA.

I previously wrote on Medium a Comparison of Container Schedulers and a short version of my thesis: Parallel Self-Tuning Spectral Clustering on Apache Spark.

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn. Last but not least, here is my resume.